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invests again in the russian market

"I strongly believe that innovation means courageously creating a demand for a new product, especially when we can make our clients, architects, interior designers and builders pleased with the design and quality that they can experience and achieve using our collections. Even when we have to recreate, redesign or redevelop an existing product, our R&D department carefully study the projection and impact that this changes can cause onto the market. This concept combined with good strategies and outstanding quality, creates the best approach that company can have towards the future. New lifestyles require new products, and these ones develop the story of the tile industry. Indoor and outdoor spaces of homes, offices and public spaces are constantly having more options of design and new techniques, transforming the way in which materials are used. The future holds great things for those who believe, innovate and rethink their concepts, as for the products, they’re going to be expressions of these beliefs." Romano Minozzi Founder of Iris Ceramica. When we looked at renovation, it wasn’t enough just to surround ourselves with practical, comfortable materials. We tried to create a very precise idea: an individual atmosphere of comfort and familiarity. Ceramic tiles become particularly important in this situation. Scientific research, innovative technologies and the irrepressible artistic genius of designers in the ceramic sector today allow us to create a unique and extraordinary material, ready to inspire the most creative ideas and satisfy the needs of even the most demanding clients. We don’t just offer a material finish, we offer inspiration to transform your ideas and wishes into reality.

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Latest from SpazioIris Moscow

16 10 17


Iris Ceramica Group presented the new collections of ceramic tiles by Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica, at the annual iSaloni WorldWide Moscow exhibition.

22 09 17


SpazioIris Moscow by Iris Ceramica Group returns to Russia !

24 03 17


In May 2017, for the International Exhibition of Architecture and Design Arch Moscow NEXT, we presented the Diesel Living collection.

19 12 15


Iris Group is glad to invite you to the event devoted to closing of “Reproduction” theme, and celebration of Christmas and New Year in SuperSurfaceSpace.