We have the winners!

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21-06-2018 -

We’re happy to announce that we now have the names of the winners of the "SpazioIris Moscow 2018" contest!

We wish to thank everyone who took part. We received a deluge of projects and ideas. It was hard to choose the winners; we got so much material, and the authors were so talented, creative and original.

Here are the winners:

In the projects category:
Tatiana Shmeleva - APEX Project Bureau

A project whose minimalism creates an elegant harmony of surfaces, but with a few surprises: items of furniture viewed as art objects. In this apartment, designed to permit both relaxation and conviviality, the materials become the distinguishing element giving form to a place where dwelling encounters the classicism and contemporary look of ceramic surfaces.

In the research category:
Daria Kirillova - Ad Hoc Architecture

A project of urban fluidity. Here, buildings with façades open onto their surroundings flow into one another, opening the district up to a new concept of relations. In this plan, the focus is on human beings and how they relate to one another; but amidst this continual flow, it is the apartments that sum up the concept, opening onto their surroundings while restoring privacy.

Congratulations to the winners!