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27-05-2015 -

Minifacture is an exhibition and workshop showcasing all the production technologies grouped together under the name Digital Fabrication: a method of creating a finished product using digital aids, allowing designers to express their ideas directly in the material used, without involving a third party in the process of manufacture. But these objects – such as 3D printers, numerical control cutters and laser cutting machines – can be dangerous if they get into the wrong hands. The goal of the exhibition is to observe the technology’s potential for people who work in the creative professions: artists, designers, architects, craftspeople, makers, hackers and more.

Applications are divided into six categories: Medium, Upscale, Robotics, Live data, Device, Hybrid.
Each category is represented by one or more projects that will be set up on site with their creators’ authorisation, while others will be produced during the workshop which will be held in a part of the exhibition area.
Students from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) will be special guests at Minifacture Moscow and bring their Minibuilders projects with them: autonomous robots which will perform a number of different tasks and apply a special concrete mix from the stand to the pavilion parking lot in quantities well beyond their size. The members of the project team, Dori Sadan and Stuart Maggs, will give a lecture and tell you about all about the details of their project.
The Hybrid Manufacturing category will be presented by Fork Production from Moscow, which will create objects during the workshop that will in turn combine digital production methods with traditional handcrafting techniques and materials. Visitors will be able to and should touch all the objects on display, while preregistration is necessary to participate in the the Hybrid Manufacturing workshop.

Park Kultury metro station, Via Lev Tolstoj 14, near SuperSurfaceSpace


The Minibuilders lecture will be held at 8:30 pm on May 28, while the Hybrid Manufacturing workshop will be held from May 29 through June 3; registration will be open for two weeks on Timepad.
The exhibition will be open daily from noon to 9 pm, with free admission; all ArchMoscow visitors will be offered a sticker or a poster.*

We would be glad to see you at the closing ceremony of the exhibition Minifacture, which will take place on June 9, 2015 at 19:00 at SuperSurfaceSpace.

*subject to availability